Computerized Biomechanical Foot Evaluations

Mayfair Foot Care offers the most advanced evaluations for foot treatment through computerized biomechanical foot evaluations for faster and more accurate diagnosis. By assessing the mechanical function of the foot, i.e., computerized gait analysis, problems with motion can more easily be identified.

Computerized Biomechanical Foot Evaluations

Computerized gait analysis entails mapping out motion with pressure points. Motion of the foot through footsteps will indicate how the joints, hips and muscles move and indicate where a mechanical problem exists. 

Although treatments can be prescribed without the use of computerized models, biomechanical foot evaluations show the motion as it occurs naturally, making it easier to pinpoint the source of the problem. 

The computerized biomechanical foot evaluation allows you to see a patient’s posture and range of motion, allowing us to make recommendations for orthotics, braces, or surgical treatment. 

Candidates for an evaluation will first provide their medical history, then complete evaluations for posture and gait using sensors linked to cameras. Bone alignment may be evaluated with x-rays and other tests may be indicated depending on the individual. Because the evaluation identifies the underlying causes of the problem, the course of treatment directly addresses the problem. 

Mayfair Foot Care may recommend the computerized foot evaluation to assess plantar misalignment; back pain that radiates into the legs and feet; calluses; sports injuries; normal development in children; and excessive wear and tear of shoes. Give us a call today to schedule an evaluation.