Foot Wounds


Foot wounds result from physical injury, an underlying condition and poor foot care. Diabetic patients often experience more severe and frequent issues resulting from poor circulation and numbness, which hinders the ability for the patient to feel foot pain.

Foot Wounds Resulting from Traumatic Injury:

Puncture: Stepping on a nail or glass is a common cause of a puncture wound. These wounds may be superficial and heal quickly if the object does not go in deep. Deeper wounds can sever muscle or ligaments and may result in swelling, pain, inflammation and/or infection. Laceration: A common cause of lacerations is glass and most easily avoided by wearing shoes with solid rubber soles.

Foot Wounds Resulting from a Health Condition:

Poor circulation is one of the main causes of foot wounds. This is typically an issue for diabetic patients. Circulation problems can also prevent the healing of wounds and may indicate vascular surgery.

Ulcers are another form of wound associated with diabetes. These open sores are often caused by excessive friction.

Course of Treatment:

Most superficial foot wounds will heal on their own with rest, bandage, or proper cleaning. However, diabetic patients often experience more severe consequences resulting from minor wounds. Any swelling or infection by a diabetic patient should be addressed by a physician.

The severity and depth of the injury will determine if a physician’s care is needed. Most superficial wounds experienced by generally healthy people will heal just fine without a doctor’s care. Excessive pain, puss or fever are signs of infection. If they worsen over time, a visit to the physician is warranted.

Treatment will depend on the cause of the wound, whether it’s dietary, circulatory or the result of trauma. Infections may be treated with a course of antibiotics. When a wound is caused by pressure, resulting from bone pressing too hard against footcare or a certain area of the foot enduring excessive friction, orthotics designed to alleviate the pressure will assist in healing the wound and preventing reoccurrence.