Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program

Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program

Mayfair Foot Care participates in the Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program, available to Medicare recipients on Long Island. If you qualify for Medicare Part B, each year your government provided insurance will cover the cost of one pair of custom-molded shoes and inserts and one part of extra-depth shoes. 

If you do not require a brand new pair of shoes or inserts, you can also take advantage of Medicare’s coverage for up to two addition inserts for custom-molded shores and three pairs of inserts each year for extra-depth shoes.

Your responsibility will be 20% of the approved fee, as designated by Medicare, after payment of the Part B deductible has been satisfied.

Mayfair Foot Care follows the strict standards required by Medicare for participation. We will accept assignment of the Medicare payment making insert and custom-molded shoes more affordable and the cost more predictable.

We will let you know our recommendations for care and how your Medicare insurance coverage treats that care.

Note that the physician currently treating you for diabetes will certify the recommendation for therapeutic shoes or inserts, per Medicare’s requirements prior to approval of services by Medicare.

How Inserts and Custom-Molded Shoes Can Help

The stresses most patients experience when wearing shoes are experienced by diabetic patients; however, diabetics are more susceptible to infections resulting from foot infections, stress, and irritation. By reducing friction and injuries to the foot, inserts and custom-molded shoes can protect diabetic patients from confronting unnecessary foot pain by repositioning the foot to absorb shock and alleviate pain at certain pressure points.

Shoes for diabetic patients are not available without prescription. A mold must be cast of the patient’s foot to determine where the patient needs more support. Inserts can be placed in most shoes.

Custom-molded shoes are often prescribed for patients suffering from ulcers, bunions, and other foot deformities that can be easily irritated when standing or walking.

Pain can be a great hindrance of mobility, exercise, and quality of life for many diabetic patients. Getting relief from inserts or custom-molded shoes can be the lifesaver that keeps patients happier and healthier.

Give Mayfair Foot Care a call today and let us help you take advantage of your Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program benefits.